Fashion Trends Of 2017

It can be hard work trying to keep up with the zeitgeist of modern fashion. It sometimes seems that your latest wardrobe falls out of style as soon as you get comfortable wearing it! That said, it certainly pays to keep your ear to the ground in order to keep up with the latest trends. If you’d like to make sure you’re looking your sharpest and turning as many heads as possible this year, here are some of the top fashion trends of 2017:

1 – Athletic Wear

Comfortable athletic wear is now trendier than ever. In a twist that seems to have a very utilitarian mindset, you can now wear basic track pants, spandex leggings, or even gym shorts or team jerseys without worrying that you’re only slumming it. There’s a bit of an exception of course: you have to make sure everything is well fitted and of reasonable quality. Just throwing on any random sports gear from the clearance rack won’t quite cut it.

Ladies should also be on the lookout for dresses that take the spirit of athletic wear and apply it to well tailored fare such as dresses, skirts, and bodysuits. Fans of any particular color palette will do well with this sort of attire since pretty much everything is widely available! Even better, the commonly placed long stripes down the body can also be very slimming!

2 – Colors On Colors

You shouldn’t be afraid to wear the brightest possible color combinations in 2017. In a turn that would make even the jaw of the outlandish 1980’s drop, it’s now acceptable to throw together a complete barrage of multi colored stripes. Any combination is acceptable, and in many cases the brighter the clothes, the trendier you’ll look. This is a great way to take color blocking to the extreme!

3 – The 1980’s Have Returned

Speaking of which, much of the excess of the 1980’s has begun to rear its head again within the fashion trends of 2017. Everything from large shoulder pads to puffy sleeves and billowing ruffles will be right at home on any top or dress of your choosing. You can even go all out with crazy animal prints or the use of raincoats and vests if you wish. Glam it up to your heart’s desire; you might be surprised just how stunning you look!

Of course, this really only scratches the surface of what’s going on in fashion this year. One thing is for sure though; 2017 seems to be all about making a huge statement. You can even get away with wearing huge earrings and your bra out these days! It feels as if almost anything goes. It’s a great time to truly express yourself through your outfits. If you’re the type that loves having heads turn to admire you no matter where you go, you’re in luck. 2017 may be one of the wildest years for fashion in a very long time. Use our promo code for an amazing deal.